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Our Story

Keyyani Medical Solutions (KMS) is specialized in the supply of Laboratory, Hospital and Medical equipment from reputable American, European and Canadian suppliers, namely in Blood Banking, Micro plate Technology, Industrial Microbiology and Controlled Environment.

.KMS is a family-run entity and prides itself in providing personalized assistance along with incomparable global Biomedical Solutions in its markets.


Biotechnology Solutions

Along with the supply and delivery of the capital equipment, we ensure to provide sales, marketing, after-sale, service support and stocking distribution to our customers and end-users via our specialized network of local dealers.


Our Network

With offices of our Manufacturing  in Diffrent part of the world and local supply within the country


Mission, Vision and Values


KMS aspire to be the best solution provider of laboratory ,blood bank equipment  and hospital equipment & Disposables in each of our market.



KMS continuously striving to bring care to healthcare by supporting our trusted network of local dealers and provide them with premium products with the latest technology. In line with the dream of being a part of something bigger, we are dedicated to help medical centers, blood banks, hospitals and laboratories to grant the best diagnostics and treatment equipment.

We aim to be a partner, devoting all needed resources in order to solve any matters in the shortest time possible, while upholding ethics and preserving integrity.  We believe that we can only grow alongside with our local ambassadors by promoting relationships based on loyalty and trust.

¨Bringing Care to Healthcare¨




A-Customized Solutions

  • KMS can provide consulting services for site planning and product requirements (BOQ) for Blood Banks, Hospitals, Laboratories, Research Centers and Universities in both private and public sectors


  • Extensive product portfolio that includes the KMS Product brand for basic Laboratory and Blood Bank instruments


  • Payment terms catered for large projects


B-Logistics Solutions

  • Extensive Distribution Network
  • Order consolidations from multiple suppliers and origins
  • Discounts from KMS’ purchasing power are shared with clients




C-After Sales Service

The KMS network of local distributors and KMS in-house engineers can assist with:

  • Servicing of Instruments
  • Installation, Commissioning, Training
  • Spare Parts Availability
  • Marketing Support


Products: instruments

Latest Updates

  • Automated DNA extraction intrument

  • Gel Electrophoresis

  • Gel Docmentatios

  • Flow cytometer

  • Automated Cell Sorter

  • Drug Analyzer

  • LN2 Containers

  • Animal Handling

  • Baths

  • Biological Safety Cabinets

  • Blood Collection

  • Centrifuges

  • Electrophoresis Systems

  • Freezers

  • Fume Hoods

  • Incubators

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Lab-ware Washer – Dryers

  • Media Preparation

  • Micro-plate Automated Systems

  • Micro-plate Readers/CLIA Reader

  • Micro-plate Washers – Dispensers

  • Ovens

  • PCR Systems

  • Pharmacy Isolators

  • Pipettes

  • Platelet Storage Systems

  • Refrigerators

  • Spectrophotometers

  • Sterilizers

  • Temperature Controlled Cabinets

  • Blood Bank refrigerators

  • Blood Bags centrifuge

  • Cryo freezing bags

  • Ultra freezer (-86)

  • Plams afreezers (up to -20)

  • Pharmacy refregerators

  • Combine Fridge+ freezer

  • Vein viewer

  • Kits & Consumables

  • IFA kits

  • Elisa kits

  • CLIA kits

  • Bio chemistry Routine kits

  • Hla Typing kits

  • Automated DNA extraction kits

  • Specialized urine chemistry kits

  • Immuno Suppresive and other Drugs testing kits

  • Vacutainers

  • Tips & other essential lab wares


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Work with us

At KMS, we strive for excellence.

Our product portfolio is comprised of high quality equipment, manufactured by industry leaders. Our team allows us to match the product quality through experience, top notch logistics knowledge and service support. We strive for a dynamic, stimulating and challenging work environment, one that is structured and constantly evolving. We value individuals that are team players, high achievers with heart, and dedicated to their work.





Commercial Director

Saghir Ahmed Keyyani


Specialized SALES

Zeeshan khan

Islamabd Sales  Consultant

Mr. Muhammed Kamran Choudary

Lahore Region Sales Consultant

Engineer Qamar ul islam Gondal

General Trading

Sajjad ahmed keyyani

Shoaib Gulzar keyyani

Hematology  sales & Service  department\

Mr.khursheed Jamal

Electrolyte sales & service Department

Mr.Abdul Malik


Mr.Tanveer Ahmed Keyyani

Service consultant

Technical Repairs Service

Naveed Ahmed Keyyani



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